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Welcome & thank you for your interest! 
I completely understand what it is like to feel misunderstood in a salon environment. In fact, that was my motivation behind the Kalamazoo Curl Studio. This is a safe place to discuss even some of the more vulnerable aspects of our curl journey.I promise to help you love your curls & to express self love! You my darling, are totally worth it!

Ready to learn more on how to reserve an experience then continue reading below!


Your commitment to your curl journey is essential to the overall progress you will see in your curls. My passion is to enhance them and provide you the knowledge on how to care for your curls, but I cannot fix or change the curls in one appointment. You have the power to care for your curls and you are ultimately responsible for the trajectory of your journey. That being said I do not recommend this service for those who do not wear their curls at least 90% of the time. These services are for those who are committed to the process of their curl journey. This requires patience and commitment and nothing less. This journey also requires you to carry an open mind while learning to break bad curl habits and replace them with an efficient and healthy routine!

During your Welcome Experience we focus on your at home curl routine. We cover product selection, product application and address all of your personal struggles. Please acknowledge that your curls are an investment and the product choices you make after your first appointment will also affect the progress you will see in your curls. That being said, your commitment to your curls goes beyond this service. I can't wait to assist you in this journey and watch your love for your precious curls continue to flourish!


If you're ready to take the leap into your curl journey then your next step is to reserve your Welcome Experience! After clicking the booking link, please select the Welcome Experience service. The online booking will walk you through the necessary information in order to reserve your service. Once your appointment is accepted, you will receive an automated confirmation email from the square booking site stating the date/time that you requested. Please note- if you do not receive an automated email confirming the acceptance of your appointment then please email me to check the status of your appointment. The next step is to complete the questionnaire which helps me better understand where you are in your current journey, it allows me to visually see your curls, and it also assists me in understanding what education we need to focus your appointment toward. The link to the questionnaire can be found at the bottom of the page! 

After you've completed all of the necessary steps, please read through the Appointment Preparation guide which can be found at the top of the menu under services. It is essential to follow the preparation guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your experience. If you have specific question/concerns about your appointment preparation, then please feel free to contact me! Lastly, please review the booking policy section which is also located at the top of the menu under services. These policies are strictly enforced! If you have concerns about not being able to attend your reserved appointment time, please contact me with enough notice. 

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