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Well, hi there!

Some of you may know me, but in case ya don't I'm Alyssa! Welcome to my heart and soul!  In many ways I consider myself incredibly lucky to live out my passion every single day. The artistry of being a curl specialist goes beyond the chair and the salon. 

Most don't know, but I stumbled into the beauty industry on accident. Yes, on accident! I have always possessed a love for all things beauty, but never intended for it to be my career. My love for curls goes WAY back! Specifically 2015 when I signed up for cosmetology on a whim! While attending school I recognized the desperate need for curl specialist within the industry, but especially within our community. That's when I decided to have my first Devacut experience, and might I say : LIFE CHANGING. I couldn't go back to the heat,  or the terribly dry extensions, or the life of saying no to so many fun things in fear my hair might get wet (yikes!). I was done molding myself to fit the image that I was not created to be. Through the process of embracing my curls, I realized that its been not just a journey about hair, but of self love. And my wish is that each of you  learns to embrace every curl on your head, and to practice and walk in self love

My mission is to educate, encourage, and empower each curly individual who blesses me with their trust. Your curls are a fingerprint; unique and like no other. I am a true believer that you as an individual were made so incredibly perfect. I will always strive to assist every person who sits in my chair to acknowledge that and express self love.It's a powerful thing to be empowered by your curls.

Now that we're done being all sappy here are 5 random facts to help you get to know me!


Biggest fear? Those that know me best know that this is an easy question for me. The ocean, lakes, ponds.. pretty much any body of water I can't see my knees past because its murky and dark. So, don't invite me to kayak or swim in your lake because I will simply decline :)

Favorite Season? Fall, duh!

What movie could you quote by heart? Land of the Lost or Halloween town

Favorite Cocktail? Moscow Mules all day!

Guilty Pleasure? Reality TV. Jersey Shore & Vanderpump Rules are my all time faves!

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