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Just a friendly reminder that how you prepare your curls will highly impact my ability to create a perfect customized curly cut for you. My craft requires me to read your curls and if they are not prepared correctly, then it can deter the way I interpret their behavior. A good experience starts with a good curl prep! Below are the preparation guidelines: 

Please arrive with your curls freshly cleansed, preferably day 1 or day 2 curls.

Your curls MUST be completely dry & detangled. Damp or partially dry hair will result in a $50 fee. Curls that are excessively tanged will result in a $50 fee, as well. If the curl preparation is not followed and time does not permit to make corrections to the curl prep, then guests' will kindly be asked to reschedule & submit a mandatory cancellation fee of 50% of the services reserved which will be applied to the card on file.  Kalamazoo Curl Studio reserves the right to charge the card on file.

Arrive with minimal styling products. Avoid any/all heavy butters, oils or hard, crunchy products like gels. Please avoid the use of sulfates, or silicones at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment.

Arrive with your curls styled down and hanging freely in their most natural state. This means avoiding ponytails, bobby pins, braids, hats, clips, or any protective styling that may distort the natural curl pattern.

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